'Super Nutrition' Health & Healing

Our Omega-3 EFA Flax oils, seeds & flake, and our Omega-6 EFA Sesame oils and Tahini are all rich in "essential fatty acids" which really are absolutely essential to our fundamental body chemistry, required but not produced by your body and are therefor necessary in the production and healthy maintainence of every single cell in your body. Simply put, you need the right balance Omega's especially Omega-3 every day!

Our mission is to provide the finest quality organic products, and to uphold & respect the common definition of ‘Extra Virgin’ meaning that our oils are made from 100 percent pesticide free, natural and organic sourced seeds, our oils are extracted from the first pressing, while minimal heat is generated in the process, so the final pressed oil’s taste is wholesome, rich, sweet and natural.

Living Organics also proudly stocks the simplest, most effective topical Silver Safe Nano Colloidal Silver healing sprays. Liduid Mineral Supplent (aka MMS) and Zeopure, Australian Zeoilite. We also have a unique range of pure cold pressed topical oils, and seed scrubs for spas & spa products. please contact us for more information

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